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Welcome to "SIDECAR DAILY NEWS". Here it goes a blog about Watsonian Squire! Since it's humble beginnings as a folding sidecar manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Watsonian Squire has been manufacturing some of the worlds finest sidecars since 1912, with no signs of slowing production. Today Watsonian Squire is known through out the world and have healthy worldwide sales.

So here we are, blogging... why not give us a follow? We have allot of things to share and we'll do our very best to keep our blog posts vibrant! We'll show off some of our old sidecar models, some of the new stuff and we'll share some valuable insight on the sidecar industry!

If your reading this we will be posting soon! Thanks for following.

Watsonian Squire USA, LLC.

16770 Link Ct Unit 101

Ft Myers Florida 33912

Offices (239) 400-1289


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