Watsonian GP 700

Watsonian GP 700

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The GP700 is the wide bodied version of the GP sidecar (overall width 40″/1010mm).

It seats an adult and child or two children, while retaining the classic looks of the other GP models.The bench seat has a width of 700mm (27.5″) at hip height. This sidecar is suitable for compatible motorcycles over 500cc. It has a rear boot, polished aluminium beading around the nose and stainless steel front chassis sections. The GP700 weighs 100kg (220lbs).

Choose from Classic, Jubilee or DL wheel/mudguard options; supplied with tonneau cover as standard.

Tech data GP700

Overall length 85.5″/2160mm
Overall width 40″/1010mm
Cockpit width 25.5″/640mmLeg room 53″/1346mm
Seat to roof 28.5″/720mm
Boot space 30″x24″x16″/760x610x400 mm
Weight 220lbs/100kg
Choice of wheel/mudguard; the CLASSIC is a 10″ steel wheel with SS trim; the JUBILEE has a 15″ alloy rim with SS spokes and the DL is a 10″ aluminium wheel.