Watsonian Urban GS
  • Watsonian Urban GS

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    Watsonian Meteor body in gel coat white
    BMW Urban G/S decals on sidecar body
    BMW enamel emblem on sidecar body
    Raised all-road sidecar body mounts
    Laminated glass “Brooklands” sports windscreen
    Windscreen support casting powder coated satin black
    Sidecar fully carpeted in black
    Custom BMW Urban G/S upholstery (sunburst orange vinyl “tuck and roll” seat and seat back with colour-matched stitching)

    Tonneau cover in black
    Custom 16” wheel with  Bridgestone TW40 all-road tyre* (hub gloss black powder coated, rim satin black powder coated, stainless steel spokes)  *we will select a suitable road tyre to match the road tyres on your bike

    Custom mudguard incorporating OEM BMW mudflap, rear reflector, LED stop/tail light, LED front position light and relocated indicators on custom indicator mounts - painted in satin black with contrasting aluminium mudguard trim and black rubber protective insert
    Custom all-road mudguard mounting bracket

    4 arm sidecar fitting kit (2 straight arms, 2 “A” arms, 2 drilled squire blocks (for pegging to sidecar chassis), 2 SV53 clamps)

    BMW Heritage range bike fitting kit (2 half-subframes) consisting of - lower rear subframe, upper rear frame clip, lower front engine mount, upper front frame clip and connecting tie bar (all components satin black powder coated)

    All lights pre-wired with quickly detachable harness via 6 way connector block