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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Will a Watsonian Squire Sidecar fit my bike?

This question is asked and the answer is not so simple. There are many brands and models of motorcycles out there and most motorcycles can fitted, however some motorcycles may need a sub-frame to mount your specific motorcycle. If it  does not need a sub frame Watsonian Squire will supply you with a mounting kit for your motorcycle. The answer is most motorcycles will accept sidecars, a simple call or email to us will help you find the answer.


How long does it take to receive my sidecar once its ordered?

When ordering a motorcycle sidecar through Watsonian Squire USA or one of our Authorized Dealers, once we have received payment in full, your sidecar will be ordered. Once the orders is placed please allow the allotted time which will be given to you when you order is placed. All of our sidecars are made in the UK / Great Britain, and they are all custom made to order. 

Does Watsonian Squire USA / Watsonian Squire UK offer refunds?

Once you order your custom sidecar from Watsonian Squire USA, monies are sent to the UK, parts and supplies are purchased and your sidecar is officially now in production. There is in fact, NO REFUNDS as each of our sidecars are custom made by the customer. As a side note, all of our customers are completely satisfied and over joyed when the receive their sidecar, so there should be no reason to cancel. 


How can I expect a sidecar to be shipped to me?

We have found that the best ways to ship our sidecars is via Air Freight, and we ship to door to door. Watsonian Squire USA will handle all of the shipping paperwork and clear US Customs. Your sidecar will arrive complete inside a crate fully assembled with the exception of the tire.


How do I install a sidecar to my motorcycle?

We highly recommend that you have an authorized dealer install your sidecar. Sidecar installation has a learning curve, and is not recommended for the DIY mechanic. Installing a sidecar improperly can cause the sidecar to "wobble" uncontrollably or may lead to injury or even death. We do offer support when installing your sidecar, along with an installation manual. If you have a question please contact us prior to testing your sidecar. 

Do I have to order extra's with my sidecar? 

No, all of our sidecars come fully equipped and all of the extra's are included. All sidecars come standard painted as well in gloss black or white. Custom colors are available upon request. UPDATE: if you would like a top for the sidecar this will be billed at an additional cost. 

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